The Beginning...

streetwear, street wear, FashionDavid GarciaComment

I remember when I first learned how to screen print. I was bartending at the legendary Chateau Marmont on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. I believe it was the summer of 2006 or the winter of 2006. I also remember that a year prior to my Chateau Marmont adventure I just graduated from F.I.D.M. and got myself an internship at a design house which consequently got me to run a fashion label. Which I was neither ready or prepared for but I did it and I did it with a great team but a lousy owner/money person. We were so close. We were that cliche and the band broke up. Boy did I hate fashion after that. I was a young adult that needed a reset.


Hollywood came knocking on my door. The glitz and glamor of the Chateau Marmont fell in my lap like a whore to a celebrity. I remember telling my fellow Marmont co workers about my stint in the fashion industry and how I had a great fabric guy who got me bamboo jersey before anybody had it or took it seriously. I would go on and on about our styles and fits and how it was high end. Pretty much I was sharing my story to deaf ears.

Someone was listening though the dishwasher was listening. We started talking actually he started talking and I started to listen. He shared his own past and how his past was in the realm of fashion. He told me that he was one of the printers for Shepard Fairey. For me that was a game changer. I wanted to know everything about my fellow coworker. We became friends the bartender and the dishwasher. His stories of his own struggle in the fashion industry made me believe again. It was at the moment of belief that he offered me help. He invited me to his Screen Printing studio.

I was like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. He had 4 color presses, screens on screens, ink for days and then he had me assist him. I don't remember what the job was he was working on but it didn't matter because at the moment I was in fashion again... To be continued.