Back in the days...

David GarciaComment

Everybody and their mother wanted to get in this fashion game. You had the rockers doing the mod thing you had the hip hoppers doing the 80's thing and American Apparel trumped all. From my angle as a bartender at Chateau Marmont I saw all the trends from Paris before it trickled down to New York and then eventually found Los Angeles. I was a man possessed because I just bought a single station, single press printing machine and I wanted to print the trends I saw but also print what I had in mind. The problem with being possessed was I had no place to put the press but in my apartment. Every time I got home from my bar shift I would print. I would print from 3:30am to whenever I passed out. I was living in Hollywood at the time and every time I started to print I would wake up my neighbors because of the smell of the plastisol ink. When you print with plastisol ink you need heat to cure/dry the ink and I did that with a flash dryer. I was just a young adult going after his dreams so it didn't occur to me that printing in a contained space would create such toxic fumes that made it seem like I was living in a meth house. Whenever someone came to visit my Hollywood apartment, the first thing that exited my door was a cloud of toxic fumes. That was the welcoming committee. Back then people would come to my place I would give them a shirt that I just printed and a headache because of the horrid smell of the shirt that was just being cured.