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Washington DC was a great experience!! It felt surreal because in my mind I knew what I was doing was for good with the design "It Was All A Dream," I knew that it would reach a larger audience and it did with the AFL-CIO.  

With that said I'm going back home to L.A. with a clear and focused understanding of what DREAM&DESTROY needs to do!  I need the help of ya'll to spread this message of truth!!! I've always said the truth is controversial so let's be controversial!!!!   

In L.A. we tend to be more concerned about ourselves.  We need to reeducate ourselves so we have solidarity with each other and if dreamanddestroy can have a finger on that we are going to have our finger on that!!! 

 It Was All A Dream

It Was All A Dream

the journey

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As you all might know I'm out here in the Nations Capital representing DREAM&DESTROY at the AFL-CIO Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference at the Hilton.  What you might not of known and which I totally forgot was that it was the 4 year anniversary of my Mothers passing due to breast cancer. With that said, it didn't dawn on me that it's been that long maybe because I immuned myself to forget. However, today I woke up normally and I wanted to meditate. I meditated this morning and I felt her presence. Keep in mind I forgot that the 4 year anniversary was here. She passed on 01/14/2012.  I wasn't sad when I was reminded via Facebook of her passing. I was happy that on her anniversary I was in DC doing what I love and what she loved because I loved doing it.  Anyways I'm here in DC by myself for now. My buddy Daniel Dart is on his way.  I just want to say Mom I never stopped I never quit and thank you for having something to do with this!  

The first day is over and it was a fantastic turn out so thank you.  Thank you for aligning me with the people that needed to be in my life at the moment they needed to be in my life. 

dreamanddestroy Dave  

 Mom and Me

Mom and Me

 Dr. Evangelina "Gigi" Brignoni

Dr. Evangelina "Gigi" Brignoni

 Dream & Destroy Dave at the AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference  

Dream & Destroy Dave at the AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference  

Make it happen, Captain

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It's been a crazy journey ya'll trying to do this entrepreneurial thang!!! Fucking tiring and invigorating at the same damn time!!! If you don't know by now I am Dream & Destroy David and I've been in the game for quite some time now. I've lost some friends, and love ones on this personal journey of mine but I've also gained a lot during this process. Shit, anyways Dream & Destroy is about living your dream and destroying any Mutherfucker that tries to tell you otherwise. The PC version is Live Your Dream and Destroy Your Fear!!
What got us going was the IT WAS ALL A DREAM piece which you can get on our online shop. The It Was All A Dream piece gave us direction on what our brand is. Our brand is about defending history and defending the cause!!! While doing this we use imagery that represents history, hip hop and punk rock!!! Some might same we're very aggressive with our bold statements and I say in this day and age you need to be bold and you need to be aggressive to get what you want and what you need!!!
Most of our designs will be the first of a series and some we will just run until we run out.
We are based out of Echo Park, hell Moby said it is the new Brooklyn, and we appreciate all the love this beautiful hood has shown us!!!
All of our designs are hand screen printed by our in house team ( right now just me) we take mad pride son in what we do and we are honored that we can be the team that showcases the truth because the truth is controversial and Dream & Destroy is controversial!!!

Dream & Destroy David


The Beginning...

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I remember when I first learned how to screen print. I was bartending at the legendary Chateau Marmont on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. I believe it was the summer of 2006 or the winter of 2006. I also remember that a year prior to my Chateau Marmont adventure I just graduated from F.I.D.M. and got myself an internship at a design house which consequently got me to run a fashion label. Which I was neither ready or prepared for but I did it and I did it with a great team but a lousy owner/money person. We were so close. We were that cliche and the band broke up. Boy did I hate fashion after that. I was a young adult that needed a reset.


Hollywood came knocking on my door. The glitz and glamor of the Chateau Marmont fell in my lap like a whore to a celebrity. I remember telling my fellow Marmont co workers about my stint in the fashion industry and how I had a great fabric guy who got me bamboo jersey before anybody had it or took it seriously. I would go on and on about our styles and fits and how it was high end. Pretty much I was sharing my story to deaf ears.

Someone was listening though the dishwasher was listening. We started talking actually he started talking and I started to listen. He shared his own past and how his past was in the realm of fashion. He told me that he was one of the printers for Shepard Fairey. For me that was a game changer. I wanted to know everything about my fellow coworker. We became friends the bartender and the dishwasher. His stories of his own struggle in the fashion industry made me believe again. It was at the moment of belief that he offered me help. He invited me to his Screen Printing studio.

I was like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. He had 4 color presses, screens on screens, ink for days and then he had me assist him. I don't remember what the job was he was working on but it didn't matter because at the moment I was in fashion again... To be continued.

Echo Fuckin Park

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Dream and Destroy is based out of Echo Park. Dream and Destroy plots and plans in their studio which happens to be in Echo Park. One of their many rad neighbors is Bedrock.LA which happens to be the baddest recording studios in Southern California for the many rock and rollers that want to slash and thrash so it was a no brainer to work with them. We are happy to report that you can find the "Echo Fuckin Park" T-Shirt at their retail store and online store. Party on Echo Fuckin Park!!!



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I guess you were wondering were the hell we be at??? Well shit happens and DREAM AND DESTROY IS STILL DREAMING AND DESTROYING!!!
The collection is complete and the shop will be open with all looks.
We will be constantly updating the website so look forward to the progress! I will be releasing a small run of Hand Screen Printed "IT WAS ALL A DREAM," white on black pull over hoodies and black on white tees!!!!