Echo Park

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This city I call home is the city that took me in with open arms and embraced me and my vision!  Thank you Echo Park better yet thank you ECHO FUCKIN PARK!  I look forward to many more memories!!  



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I decided to write again!  You can say i've been dealing with a 20 year writers block.  I've broken through the block of self-doubt and fear!  The time is now to express how I feel.  Just to warn you I have no exact motive of what i'll be writing but I just want to write!  Now how does one just start writing again, you ask?  Just like this.

Things that piss me off.

1. Mean People

2. Bad Food

3. Bad Food with Mayo

4. Mean People 

Ok that felt good.

Like I said no rhyme or reason what I'm writing.  I'm just practicing and unfortunately or fortunately y'all my audience. Nobody reads this journal anyways.  

Dream & Destroy Dave



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As we witness these conventions and the speakers of both the RNC and DNC I'm reminded why I'm a liberal!!!  I love to love without hesitation and without some monetary gain!!! I was taught to love thy neighbor whether my neighbor loved me or not because that was not the point!  The point was love and that's what was instilled in me!  If you know me and my spirit you know that my foundation is love.  Dream and Destroy was founded and created on love. I'm rough around the edges like most people but my foundation is love.  Tattoos and all!!! I pledge allegiance to LOVE!!!  I know this is a redundant statement but fuck so are the statements from the RNC!!! LOL


1st step

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It's 4:30 in the morning and I just decided what I'm going to do for my brick and mortar dream and destroy pop up shop!!!  I'm super excited to show you what the heck I'm about to do in August!!! I'm in Dtla with my project manager Jovan who's spearheading this project!!! I can't wait for you to see the vision!!! 



dream and destroy dave



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I'm not going to tell you who to vote for but I will say you need to practice your RIGHT to vote!!!  Our ancestors fought for us to vote!!!! So fucking vote!!!!  It'll make you feel like you've done something important today and you get a badge, which is a sticker, of honor!!!